I’m doomed today.  My work is doomed today.  My list of things to do? Yup, doomed.  So sorry Miller the Dog, you are not going to the dog park. And dry cleaning?  Yeah, you are staying in the basket.  It remains to be seen whether I will even be able to drag myself away from my desk/computer long enough to have lunch.

Why the doom?  Because this morning another FS blogger,, posted a list of HUNDREDS of other FS blogs here.

Now, I have read quite a few FS blogs over the last 5 years while I have patiently waited for B to get into an A-100 class.  When you want to try and understand what life *might* be like in the Foreign Service, these blogs are a godsend.  FSOs and their EFMs are great writers and prolific bloggers, so you can learn a lot from reading their posts.  But this? This is FS blog Mecca.  The promised land of information on what other people living this amazing, crazy life are doing, feeling, seeing, wishing, hoping, eating.

Be prepared to see more of these blogs on my “Blogroll,” as I make my way through them (I’m on No. 3 right now, so I have a LONG way to go), though, it occurs to me that I have not seen my Blogroll lately…perhaps it didn’t move when I changed my theme? I’ll try and remedy that, but while you are waiting check out the link and SVO’s awesome list.