(Condensed) Glossery of FS Terms

A-100 – Orientation for new FSOs

AO – Assignment Officer

CDA – Career Development and Assignment

CDO – Career Development Officer

CY – Calendar Year

ELO – Entry Level Officer

FLOTUS – First Lady of the United States

FS – Foreign Service

FSI – Foreign Service Institute

FSO – Foreign Service Officer

FSOA or OA – Foreign Service Oral Assessment

FSOT – Foreign Service Officer Test (the written test)

EFM – Eligible Family Members

HHE – House Hold Effects

HST – (or Main State, Mama State, the Mothership) – The headquarters for the Department of State located at the Harry S Truman Building in Washington, D.C.

HT – Harris Teeter, a North Carolina based grocery store chain

OMS – Oh My Stars! (a C term, not an FS term)

PNQ – Personal Narrative Questions

POTUS – President of the United States

POV – Personally Owned Vehicle

QEP – Qualification Evaluation Panel

SCOTUS – Supreme Court of the United States

SFS – Senior Foreign Service

SNAP – Spouse Networking and Assistance Program

TDY – Temporary Duty Assignment

UAB – Unaccompanied Air Baggage


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