Someone else’s party…

Today is Flag Day for the A-100 class before B’s.  Today those new FSO’s will find out where in the world they will be posted.  I don’t know a soul in that class (the 178th A-100), other than through a couple of their blogs, but I am nervous and excited for them just the same.  The main folks I’ve been following (and who I’m now anxiously waiting to hear their news) are here and here and here.

Flag Day is the day in every FS orientation where family and friends gather to watch the new FSO’s find out – and accept – their assignments.  Most people will be going overseas, though there are, from what I understand, usually a few DC posts.

This is a big deal.  So much about our lives (and theirs) has been up in the air since B started the application process to get into the FS, and this is where the rubber meets the road and our path, at least for the next couple of years, becomes clearer.

The 178th Flag Day starts at 3:30 p.m. today and I’ll be checking my email to see the blog updates to find out where the bloggers from that class are going.  And I’ll be thinking about what I’m going to be feeling in about 9 weeks on September 26, 2014, when I’m standing in that room with our family and friends waiting to hear B’s name called and learning where we’re going to go.

Want to see what this crazy Flag Day is really all about – check out this blog post from another FSO blogger who pulled together 71 Flag Day stories from other bloggers. I go back to this blog post a lot and read other people’s Flag Day stories.  I can’t wait to add our own story to that list…



4 thoughts on “Someone else’s party…

  1. Flag Day is a lot of fun though. It’s a bit terrifying as well, but still fun. Before arriving at my current assignment I was at FSI for around 8 months of language training and a few colleagues and myself managed to duck out of class to go watch a Flag Day ceremony (the 176th, I guess?) and it is great to see the enthusiasm. It is very much a party atmosphere. I’m sure there are always a few folks less than thrilled about their assignment, but overall everyone has a great time. I think it is much more fun to have your family at this event than the official swearing in (if you have to choose.)

    Good luck to you guys! When does the 179th start? I’ll need to be sure and post something on my blog. I missed the 177th and I think they’ll never let me live it down.


  2. Flag Day was a hundred times more exciting than I ever imagined. We only had two people receive lows and they were both fluent in languages that were needed. We also had no DC posts on our list. I haven’t heard of any DC posts in a while. I can’t wait to meet your class this month!


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